Bea’s Gloop

Gloop consists of a lightly cooked mixture of various whole and organic grains, rice and lentils, with added pasta, vegetables or fruit, and spices.  Beatriz is a big advocate of Gloop:

” The great thing about gloop is not only that it is much, much healthier than seeds or pellets, it’s that even the ones that would not touch fresh produce end up eating veggies and fruits PLUS you can put all kinds of herbal cleansers and supplements in it (such as bee pollen, Aloe Detox or Benebac) which, to me, it’s invaluable because you can medicate the bird without any stress for him or you.”

One principle that Beatriz tries to observe is adherence to seasons, which she embraces both with light and food.  Therefore she utilizes the fresh fruits and vegetables in season and otherwise uses dried and canned in off-season.

Bea’s Basic Recipe

As Beatriz says,

“People always request my recipe, which I have no problem giving as long as they realize that my recipe (as everything else with my birds) is a dynamic process whereby I am constantly doing research and changing both the recipe and my methods.

This is true.  I have witnessed Bea’s basic gloop evolve from using beans and a flavoring that included ricotta, to no beans (too much protein) and excluding all milk products.


Hard red winter wheat, soft white spring wheat, oat groats, spelt, triticale, kamut (not all the time), barley, buckwheat, brown medium grain rice, wild rice, brown or red lentils, yellow split peas (not in winter), flax seeds, amaranth, whole grain pasta, corn, sweet peas and raw, shredded carrots.

Cook the rice and lentils for 20 minutes only.   Turn off the heat and add the pasta, amaranth, quinoa and flax seed.  Thoroughly and quickly mix together the ingredients (flax seed quickly gets sticky), cover and let stand until cool.  Add the corn, peas, broccoli and shredded carrots and mix together.  If you have prepared enough to freeze for future use, divide into individually apportioned plastic zip lock bags for daily servings.

Bea’s Basic Daily Additional Ingredients:

Green beans, cubed cooked carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, chopped broccoli, pumpkin, tomatoes and one cooked green like collards or turnip or mustard greens or spinach, spices, herbs, fruits and extras.

Bea’s Daily Specials

Mom’s Apple Pie
Stir a mixture of raisins, dried apple pieces, apple sauce, cinnamon, currants and walnuts, ginger and nutmeg, honey.  Apple sauce makes it wet, so drain of excess water before adding rest of spices.

Add sun-dried tomato bits, red and green pepper flakes, vegetarian pepperoni, black olives, oregano, sweet paprika and crushed red pepper.

Pina Colada
coarse/unsweetened coconut, dried pineapple bits, just a touch of grated orange rind and some all-fruit orange preserve.

Brussels Sprouts Stew
cooked and chopped Brussels sprouts, chopped red pimentos, a bit of finely chopped garlic, sweet paprika and black pepper.

Eastern Delight
chopped dates and figs with honey and a touch of grated ginger.

Chili con Carne
veggie burger cooked and crumbled (not the one made out of soy, though), sun-dried tomato bits, cooked pinto beans, a bit of garlic and chili powder.

Chinese Carry Out
bok choy, water chestnuts, baby corn, sprouts and bamboo slices in it flavored with black pepper and ginger

Cheezy Italian
with spinach, pimentos, garlic, vegetarian sausage and flavored with nutmeg, paprika, hot peppers and a touch of grated romano cheese

vegetarian pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes, green peppers, black olives and mushrooms flavored with a touch of garlic, oregano and crushed pepper.

okra, tomato flakes, chopped red and green peppers and cajun spices

Other flavors include Mexican Fiesta, French Cuisine, Pasta Primavera, Hawaiian, Very Berry and Tropical.

As Bea says,

“You see what I mean? Every day, something different so they always look forward to it.”

It’s true.  Birds look forward to the new, and as their taste bud receptors are not that keen, both the sweet and sharp, spicy flavors are especially attractive to them.

Four Stages of Gloop

Beatriz has designed 4 stages in order to acclimate seed eating birds to eating gloop.

First Stage:

This is the basic recipe, without the corn, peas and carrots.  This first stage needs a rougher texture with the grains only partially cooked so they separate almost like seeds and there is no gloopiness to it at all.

Second Stage:

This version is allowed a stickier texture and a couple of veggies they all like (peas and corn and raw shredded carrot.

Third Stage:

The third version is allowed even more gloopiness, because it has more vegetables and fruit.  All three stages tend toward sweet flavorings, as Beatriz has found that birds tend toward a ‘sweet beak’.

Fourth Stage:

This final and more advanced version has a lot of veggies plus it has the extra veggies or fruits and the seasonings to make the different recipes. The basic recipe has corn, sweet peas, carrots (both raw and cooked), green beans, beets, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, tomatoes and one cooked green like collards or turnip or mustard greens or spinach.  Plus the extras detailed in Bea’s daily specials.

To summarize:

It’s basically a mixture of cooked grains, rices and veggies.  I put two kinds of wheat -hard red winter and soft white spring-, oat groats, barley, spelt, triticale (and, sometimes, kamut, also) with brown rice and some kind of wild one like black japonica or mahogany or a field mix in a pot with hot water and tomatoes to boil for 20 minutes.   Then I add flax seed, quinoa and a whole grain pasta (it’s in the shape of rottini and mine is colored by vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, spinach and beets).  Once it’s cool, I add mashed sweet potatoes and some kind of pumpkin or squash (like regular pumpkin or winter/green/spaghetti/butternut squash or calabaza), grated carrots, cooked cubed carrots, sweet peas, corn, green beans, chopped wax beans, beets and either chopped collard greens or kale or broccoli-rabe or turnip greens (sometimes I add turnips to it, too).  That becomes the basic recipe and then every day they get different veggies or fruits added to it with different flavorings like curry or chili powder, ground red pepper, black or white pepper, different kind of hot peppers like jalapenos or habaneros, oregano, basil, a bit of garlic, and that kind of stuff for the spicy flavors and cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, honey, apple sauce, etc and different kinds of all-fruit preserves for the sweet ones.

 Personally I am waiting for Bea to market her Gloop.

Written by:  Randi Hoffmann