Bea’s Gloop


Gloop consists of a lightly cooked mixture of various whole and organic grains, rice and lentils, with added pasta, vegetables or fruit, and spices.  Beatriz is a big advocate of Gloop:

” The great thing about gloop is not only that it is much, much healthier than seeds or pellets, it's that even the ones that would not touch fresh produce end up eating veggies and fruits PLUS you can put all kinds of herbal cleansers and supplements in it (such as bee pollen, Aloe Detox or Benebac) which, to me, it's invaluable because you can medicate the bird without any stress for him or you.”


One principle that Beatriz tries to observe is adherence to seasons, which she embraces both with light and food.  Therefore she utilizes the fresh fruits and vegetables in season and otherwise uses dried and canned in off-season.




Bea’s Basic Recipe

As Beatriz says,

“People always request my recipe, which I have no problem giving as long as they realize that my recipe (as everything else with my birds) is a dynamic process whereby I am constantly doing research and changing both the recipe and my methods.


This is true.  I ha