Bea's Fatty Liver Diet

The key to a fatty liver diet is low protein, high fiber, no chemicals and lots of fresh food and exercise.

Gloop (click here for instructions on preparing gloop)- Use a combination of the following grains:

Hulled barley
Soft White Spring Wheat
Oat groats
Brown and wild rice (if you can find parboiled brown rice, better)

Start cooking the rice first and, when it's halfway done, add the grains and frozen veggies (I add frozen chopped broccoli because broccoli does not lose fiber when cooked soft). Once this is cooked, you can add the veggies, flax and a little sesame seed and pasta (I like Hodgson Mills whole grain veggie rottini) to it (not too much pasta, you need to watch the carb intake). The little grains like quinoa and amaranth can be added after the bigger ones are cooked- Turn off heat, stir them in and cover the pot for a moment.

Good Food
All kinds of organic fresh fruits and veggies but not too much of the ones with high starch and/or high sugar
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds
Pumpkin (very, very good!)
Chia sprouts
Dandelions (very, very good!)

Bad Food
Any animal product or by-product
Anything treated with chemicals
High oil seeds
Anything high in protein (like beans and eggs)

Dandelion root
Milk thistle (*)
Lactulose (*)
Evening primrose oil
Lecithin (can be given in the form of a bit of wheat germ oil)

(*) Your Avian vet can give you lactulose with milk thistle to give the bird orally.

Dandelion root and alfalfa can be given freely, they are completely safe even when ingested in large quantities but don't overdo it, more is not better when it comes to supplements. The body can only process or absorb only so much and the rest is wasted; besides which, too much gives the food a bad taste. If the bird does not eat the food, it defeats the whole purpose of the diet. The rest should be given in dosages of just a tiny sprinkle to a pinch on soft food, depending on the size of the bird. They should also be used two or three at a time, alternating with the other supplements. We recommend that you inform your vet of the herbal supplements, especially if medication has been prescribed.

Distilled water with Naturade Aloe Vera Detoxifying Formula and some lemon juice.

written by: Beatriz Cazeneuve

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