Bea's High Uric Acid Diet

Gloop with fresh vegetables and fruits (preferably with high water content) - click here for Bea's Gloop

Gloop - Use a combination of the following grains:

Hulled barley
Soft White Spring Wheat

(the little ones like quinoa and amaranth can be added after the bigger ones are cooked).
Brown and wild rice (if you can find parboiled brown rice, better). Start cooking the rice first and, when it's halfway done, add the grains and frozen veggies. Once this is cooked, you can add veggies (not canned), a bit of flax seed and pasta (I like Hodgson Mills veggie rottini) to it.

Good food:

Black cherries, corn, carrots (only raw finely grated), sweet potatoes, green and wax beans, broccoli, red and green peppers (but make sure they are organic), bok choy, strawberries (organic!), blueberries, blackberries, kiwis, all the melons, oranges, apples (organic!), lemon juice, any natural source of vitamin C and vitamin E, celery seed, bananas, grapes.

Bad food:

All canned veggies, legumes, beets (both root and greens), spinach, anything made with baking powder, anything made with soy protein, cheese, vegetable juice, peas, commercially prepared bread, anything containing salt, anything containing meat, anything containing Vitamin A or high levels of Niacin, anything containing sugar.

Herbs and/or supplements that cleanse and/or tonic the kidneys and/or help reduce uric acid levels

The herbs are all meant to be organic and in their natural form, either fresh or dried, and the supplements are to be free of additives and the dosages go from the tiniest sprinkling on soft food to a small pinch, depending on the size of the bird. They are meant to be used two or three at a time alternating and not to be used continuously for longer than three to four weeks.

Folic acid
Devil's claw

For drink, use distilled water with apple cider vinegar and Naturade Aloe Vera Detoxifying Formula

written by: Beatriz Cazeneuve

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