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A Healthy Bird's Diet
Feeding Schedules and Presentation
Transitioning from Seed to Foods
Bea's Gloop
Bea's Diet for High Uric Acid Levels
Bea's Fatty Liver Diet
Linda's No-Cook Avian Diet
About Vitamin A
Calcium & Vitamin D3
Questions about Diet?

Benefits of Light pocket option download & Circadian Rhythm
Benefits of Flight
How to Handle Your Bird

Linda works extensively in rescue in her area of Warwick, New York and beyond, and collaborates her services with a number of other rescues.

She has been involved for years with The Oasis Sanctuary in Arizona, and more recently with Best Friends for Pets Alive in New York. Linda brings great knowledge and thoughtfulness to the issues surrounding avian care and welfare, and is nuanced and broad minded in her approach. Randi Hoffmann

Randi, a writer and film director from New York, lives with 8 people, 3 dogs, 3 macaws and a cockatoo. Both Beatriz and Linda are an inspiration and wellspring of knowledge to Randi in her imperfect quest to create the best possible life for her avian companions. Randi is president and creative director of Sweet Marie Productions, a multi- media company, which is currently producing a film about the interface between parrots and people. This relationship brings intelligent, emotional and undomesticated pocket option legal in india beings that evolved to fly long distances, forage for food and live together in flocks, into the homes of various human beings often ill equipped to deal with their complex needs. Randi sometimes gets the strange feeling that living with parrots is like living with intelligent, alien beings from another planet.

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